At the time when you miss your monthly period and your pregnancy test is positive, we welcome you for anti-natal care, namely a visit to our surgery once every four weeks. At each occasion we discuss concerns about obligatory and recommended tests, your previous four-week experience, carry out an examination of your Cervix and if necessary do an Ultrasound test. We keep these regular appointments till the end of the term of your pregnancy.



Among couples infertility is becoming more frequent, which can be called an urbanization syndrome. Therefore, it is often necessary for men to have a sperm test and a hormone test for women. After the assessment of the results we often recommend a treatment of medication, a change of lifestyle or artificial insemination.



The possibility of a malignant gynaecologic disease always worries women greatly. It is necessary to emphasise that the majority of tumours can be prevented or with regular tests can be detected early and therefore treated more easily.

Personal Philosophy

Healing has been a part of my life since my youth. Ancestors on my father’s side were all doctors, so I was able to inherit the medical profession from my great-great grandfather. The most important thing for me is work without compromise,  based on a high level of professional knowledge and a wide range of clinical experience maintained  by continuous and regular international quality training and scientific work. This background and my personal attitude ensure that I find the most appropriate solutions for my patients.

Prof dr. Ferenc BÁNHIDY

obstetrician, gynaecologist, oncologist, surgeon
clinical pharmacologist
deputy director